Table Grapes

The first vineyards planted in Tunisia dates back to the Punic period.

The Carthaginians built on this fine heritage and were the first to carry out scientific studies in oenology, as demonstrated by the "Treatise on agronomy and winegrowing" written by Magon in the eighth century BC.

Carthage, which was the bread basket of Europe, also became its wine cellar. This long-standing love affair between the Carthaginians and grape is being continued today by Carthago Vineyards.

The CARTHAGO VINEYARDS family has been cultivating table grapes since 1915, and their passion for growing shows in every bunches.

The Fruits of Carthage is the biggest producer of table grapes in Tunisia with 400 ha.
Beginning in end of juin , Carthago Vineyards harvests early red and white seedless varieties in the south of Tunisia.

These grapes are among the first produced in the region and are grown in the company's fertile vineyards located in Gabes , mateur , and medjez el bab, Tunisia

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