The Fruits of Carthage has a strong corporate culture based on its own values. These values are shared by its employees, and consolidate every day, group cohesion by creating a strong sense of belonging to the company.

We believe in:

Motivation of Human Capital

All employees, no matter their position in the company is, are just as important. The Fruits of Carthage listens to each and encourages personal ideas and initiatives that benefit the company: Our employees develop themselves in a positive working environment and find a true meaning to their work. They exchange, offer, reinvent ideas and experiences, and improve their skills to daily innovate and promote their company. 

Recognition by superiors, incentives, and training tools are in place so that everyone can move forward and access the internal promotion system based solely on competence.
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*** Tunisian Artichokes : currently available*** Fruits de Carthage obtained successfully BRC & IFS Food Safety Certification *** *** ***